Thursday, October 28, 2010

the start of it all

So... I've tried to start about 5 blogs in the past year, and they never made it off the ground. I feel that apathy and intimidation set in because I falsely made myself an expert on certain subjects. I can pretty much tell you the peak position of any popular song from the past 25 years (try me!) and/or quote the overall box office performance of a movie from the same time frame. I can also carry a rather intelligent conversation with anyone who wants to talk "the biz". So what am I looking for to gain in this blog? Just an outlet to write and express what's on my mind. Maybe someone out there in internetland has the same hobbie and passion as I do- and maybe that someone will gain from it significantly.

The point of it all is- I'm not assuming myself an expert on anything. I'm just simply writing what I feel, and will bear the intrinsic and extrinsic results.

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